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Margaret's fear of needles

How EFT helped a teenager get over her phobia of needles

Margaret was 13 and due for her vaccine booster. She was terrified of needles and the only thought of them used to send chivers up and down her spine. This was Margaret's first time with EFT, and after a brief explanation of how the technique works we begun tapping.

We started with an intensity rating of 9 out of 10, and we did one round of the full basic EFT recipe with the following Setup Affirmation:

Although I have this fear of needles, I truly and deeply love and accept myself.

Her intensity rating went straight down to 3. I was happy of the vast improvement but a bit doubtful that we were over the problem yet. I tried to bring up her number slightly by getting her to imagine that she was entering the medical centre, getting in the room with the nurse and watching her get the needle ready for the injection. Margaret's level went back up to 4.

So we tapped on the remaining fear.

Although I still have this fear of needle, I truly and deeply love and accept myself.

We also tapped the basic EFT recipe on the "prickly sensation" that she hated:

Although I hate that prickly sensation, I truly and deeply love and accept myself.

Her intensity rating went down to 1.

Obviously, this was amazingly quick. In those circumstances I tend to always use the rolling of the eyes technique to "cap" the whole thing, as if to "put a lid on" the whole issue.

My ultimate aim was to make sure Margaret could go to the health centre full of confidence and with all fear of needles vanished. However, I did not have any needles at hand so I had to get Margaret to imagine the whole scene. I told her to try and imagine every single step: the waiting in the waiting room, the introduction in the room, the preparation of the needle by the nurse (usually done in front of you) and the actual injection into the arm. We then tapped one round of the choice procedure:

Although I am dreading the injection, I choose to remain calm and confident.

After completing this procedure, I asked her how she felt about the injection and her words were:

"Well, it is just an injection, nothing much to it!"

A few weeks later...

I met again with Margaret as she wanted to sort out another issue. It was a tricky issue and I could feel she was tensed. I mentioned that I would try and help but that we would have to see if EFT would work for her. Her immediate answer was: "Oh, I know it does!!! All my school friends were terrified of going for the injection but I was really relaxed. When the nurse did the injection, she kept telling me not to look at the needle, but I did! In fact, I could not help it and it all went smoothly with no fear at all!" :-)

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