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Grounding Tips

A few simple energy tips to enhance your health & improve your quality of life

The people that come to me for energy healing are all very different in many ways – size, age, education, background, culture, etc. They all manage and live their energy in different ways. However, over the years, I have identified one common energetic issue that affects all of us to various degrees: grounding (or rather the lack of it).

To illustrate grounding, let me roughly compare the human body to an electrical device: the same way as an electrical device needs to be “earthed”, we need to ground our energy. When we are grounded the energy flows harmoniously into our life. Unfortunately, the stressful demands of our modern life have a tendency to disrupt this flow and, to various degrees, we lose this important energetic connection to Earth.

The symptoms can be obvious: we become clumsy, we drop things or bump into furniture, we cannot concentrate, lose our thread of thoughts, become forgetful, cannot remember why we went upstairs, even find it difficult to learn & study. Severe cases, where the lack of grounding is constant and prolonged, can manifest more serious illnesses. Or often the symptoms are more subtle: we feel vaguely anxious, confused, nervous, not in control, overwhelmed, etc.
Luckily you don’t need to be an expert in energy or a master at meditating or inner work to rekindle this important energetic connection. There are very simple things that anyone can do to get that connection back on. You can regain your inner peace, confidence and feel in control again both mentally (with an enhanced focus and clarity of thoughts) & physically (better coordination & an enhanced awareness of your body & environment).

The following easy tips should help you get some immediate relief. If you practice them often and integrate them into your life, you could even greatly enhance your wellness and generally live a more vibrant life:
If standing up: put your hands on your tights. Take a big breath in and, as you exhale, visualise all this unwanted energy (clumsiness, forgetfulness, etc.) slowly going down your body, through your feet, into the ground and as deep into the Earth as you want. Repeat twice more.
On a sunny day, go outside, into your garden, a public park or your local beach. Go for a walk (or a dance, why not?) bare feet on the grass/sand for a few minutes - visualizing all the stressful energy going down into the ground.
If sitting down: take a big breath in and, as you exhale, visualize a ray of energy (whichever colour comes up for you is the right one) going from the end of your spine (your tail bone) down through your seat, into the ground. Let it go as deep as you want it to go, connecting with the center of the Earth. Repeat twice more.
Water can also help: as you drink, feel the water going down into your body and visualize the energy continuing its way down your body into the ground. Feel the connection with the Earth energy.

Some more advanced grounding work can take the form of hours of deep meditation or mindfulness exercises for instance. But practicing these simple techniques should help increase your general wellness. And the next time you cannot remember why you went upstairs…. you could be in need of some grounding – take a deep breath in and visualize…

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