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Lisa's craving for a cigarette

EFT can be a powerful tool when fighting cravings & addictions

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I met with Lisa, a friend of mine, who was currently 5 months pregnant with her second child. She was a smoker and wanted to quit. Although she was not a heavy smoker (about 10 cigarettes a day) and not really bothered with giving up, she was nevertheless conscious of the damage she could be doing to her unborn child as well as the passive smoking that her 2 1/2 year old little boy was suffering from her habit.

When I met Lisa, she welcomed me with a cigarette in the hand.

Whenever I deal with cravings I try to get my client in the worse state of craving that they can possibly and safely endure. In the case of smokers, I usuall ask that they refrain from smoking before meeting with me.

Since Lisa was just after having had her “nicotine fix”, we had to wait a while before being able to act on her craving.

However, after about an hour of chatting, her craving was back up, especially when I asked her to give me her pack of cigarettes and when I held one in front of her while telling her she could not have it (it usually does the trick).

So we did one round of tapping with the following setup affirmation:

Even though I have this craving for that cigarette, I truly and deeply accept myself.

Her intensity rating of 10 out of 10 did not budge at all after this full round.

So I decided to tap on the following affirmation:

Even though I don’t really want to give up smoking and EFT is probably not going to work, I choose to really give it a go anyway.

After completing this procedure, she immediately said that the intensity of her craving had shifted down to a 7 or 8.

We then went back to the original affirmation and did one round of tapping on:

Although I have this craving for that cigarette, I truly and deeply accept myself.

This time her intensity rating went down to 5.

So we tapped on the remaining of the craving:

Although I still have this craving for that cigarette, I truly and deeply accept myself.

Her intensity rating went straight down to 1 or 2.

I waited a few minutes as sometimes it takes a few minutes (or seconds) for the tapping to take effect. She then said her craving was a 0 or a 1.

I then did the rolling of the eyes procedure and Lisa then declared that she did not want the cigarette. I presented her with the cigarette and she simply said she did not want it anymore.

I remained with her for another hour or so, tapping on various other issues and regularly, I kept asking her if she wanted the cigarette. Each time she said her craving had disappeared.

Please note that we acted in this session on Lisa’s immediate craving and that we most certainly did not stop her addiction to smoking. She will probably have to use EFT on many other occasions when the cravings come back. However, gradually, she should find that the cravings don’t come back as often and are not as intense when they do. To completely and definitely give up smoking, you need to work on the underlying anxiety (the "core issue") to your smoking. Once this issue is resolved to 0, you should be well on your way to enjoying a smoke-free life.

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