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Maggie’s stress related migraine

EFT has proven very useful in the fight against migraines (Including my own)

Maggie came to me on a Saturday evening with a terrible headache that had been troubling her all day. She had been feeling very tensed all day and her belly was also bloated & uncomfortable.

We started with one full round of the basic EFT recipe directly on the headache:

Although I have this terrible headache, I truly and deeply accept myself.

From an intensity rating of 10 out of 10 she went down to 7 or 8.

Maggie also noticed that the headache did not feel the same anymore and had shifted to the left side of her head.

We did another round on the remaining headache:

Although I still have this terrible headache, I truly and deeply accept myself.

The intensity went right down to 1 or 2.

I then used the "rolling of the eyes" technique to “cap” it and Maggie said her migraine had completely vanished.

I wanted to find out a bit more about the origin of the migraine. Maggie told me that it was stress related due to an unusual situation at work. Maggie manages a team of nurses and, due to industrial actions, her team was being asked to perform tasks for which they had had no training. As a result, Maggie was extremely anxious that the wrong message would be conveyed to the public and that she would ultimately be blamed for it. She had a certain amount of anger towards her hierarchy which, in some ways, were imposing this impossible situation on her and her team.

We tapped on the fear she had of messing up:

Although I am afraid of messing up, I choose to remain calm and confident.

Incidentally we used another (“stronger”) word than messing (beginning with "f") as it felt more appropriate here. That stronger word also enabled Maggie to express the anger which she felt.

After that round we carried on talking and Maggie told me she was due to attend an important meeting on the following Monday. The thought of the meeting was making her literally “sick”.

We did one round about the meeting: Although I am dreading the meeting on Monday, I choose to be in control.

She felt much better at the idea of the meeting.

This concluded our session and when she stood up Maggie noticed immediately how much better and flatter her belly was now feeling and how much “lighter” in general she felt.

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