• Time for change

    Is your inner world full of anxiety, stress, fears & pains?
    Are you ready for change?

    Help is at hand! I can help bring back joy into your life!

    As a holistic energy practitioner, I can help you finally implement, in your professional & personal lives, the healthy & productive changes you need to better manage your health & life.

  • Intuitive & Holistic

    Energy healing can help on the physical, emotional, mental, psychological & spiritual levels

    Too much on his mind - Thinking man

    Would you like to..?

    Just imagine...

    • Wake up in the morning refreshed, pain free & looking forward to your day?
    • Go through your day with the confidence you need to be successful both in your private & professional lives?
    • Live free from all limitations that have been holding you back most of your life?

    Would you love to be rid of

    • Anxiety? Stress? Depression? SAD? Panic Attacks?
    • Fears & Phobias?
    • Chronic Aches & Pains?
    • Low self-worth & low self-esteem?
    • Low energy levels? Low immune system?
    • Cravings & Addictions?
    Véronique Rooney - Energy Healer for anxiety, stress, depression, panic attacks, fears, phobias, cravings, addictions, aches & pains

    It's possible!

    As an intuitive & holistic energy healer, I help people

    rediscover their confidence & live their full potential by giving them tools to get rid of heir inner anxieties & fears - those that they have difficulty expressing or even admitting to themselves.


    If you ...
    ...are fed up with suffering in silence?

    ...can no longer keep the "happy mask" up?
    ...feel you are "loosing it" and need help?

    ...have exhausted all "traditional" avenues?


    Together we work on the body, the mind & the spirit to tap health & happiness into your life! xx Véro


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  • My Clients & testimonials

    "Highly functional individuals with anxiety hidden deep inside,
    who are ready for a change and want to bring back joy into their life."

    • On the outside, they look happy, fulfilled, successful, but in the inside, they are full of fears.
    • They are teenagers, students, men, women, self-employed, professionals, entrepreneurs, retired, running a successful household or/and business, CEOs, etc.
    • Everyday, they put up a "happy mask" to hide their low-self esteem, their lack of confidence, their imposter syndrome...
    • Often, they have been secretly suffering for years, and have become experts at hiding their inner turmoil. 
    • But they have reached a point that "enough is enough", maybe their physical health is starting to suffer, and mentally they can no longer carry on that way. 

    Using Energy Healing, I help them regain their energy, health & life.

    Beautiful Tree - Tesminonial of time

    What my clients say

    In their own words...

    • "You made me feel relaxed & at ease! Thank You." - Niamh
    • "Really enjoyable. Love the techniques. May get practising. :-)" - Finola
    • "Many thanks Veronique, yesterday’s session seemed to have shifted my energy and I feel much better & calmer and I am enjoying my normal daily life. I may avail of it again to support this shift/progress. Again, many thanks.” Bernie
    • "The presentation had a nice feel about it, very practical, very clear & precise." Margaret
    • "Interesting to know that what we are all experiencing on a day to day is similar and can be resolved." Louise
    • "I very much enjoyed the workshop. Good explanations given about energy and how to protect it. It felt that everything tied up. Nice approach and very open environment. Lovely venue. Well done!" Luke
    • "I feel great after my session the other day; relief is the word that springs to mind! :)" Elise
    • "Very good. Very helpful. Very nice. Improved confidence and reduced pre-exam stress." Grainne
    Hens' Party - Ladies relaxing & having fun

    After a Ladies Pampering or Hens' Party

    The mother of a bride who arranged a party for her daughter:

    "Just wanted to say thank you Véro for your work at Fiona's hens party. We had a ball and the massage/work went down a treat. I'd be happy to recommend you again if ever you need me to." Berney X


    Rejuvenating & Relaxing - Ladies Pampering Parties

    • Hire me for a few hours or a full day
    • The venue of your choice
    • 1 of 3 healings per guest: Reiki, Indian Head Massage or Chakra cleansing, balancing & reading
  • Holistic Therapies

    My approach is intuitive & holistic. Together we work on the body, the mind & the spirit.
    My healing is tailored to better suit your specific needs.

    Energy Healing, aura

    Energy Healing

    Gentle yet empowering healing tools to retake control of your energy, your health & your life

    Emotional & physical issues


    Call/txt +353 (0) 86 103 4878 or email me

    Member of The Metamorphic Society

    Metamorphic & Indian Head Massages

    Relax & accept the shift to make lasting changes in your life

    "I had a Metamorphic Massage and it is amazing!!!!!
    Well worth it.

    It completely shifted my mindset and moved me into a deeper sense of my own power in my life. Now I feel I really can take responsibility for my life. Thank you Véro" Aideen

    Each Indian Head Massage is relaxing yet energizing, is tailored to your needs & includes a chakras balancing & intuitive reading.

    Reiki symbole displayed on a rock

    Reiki Healing

    Reiki relaxes & heals body, mind & spirit. Feel grounded & at peace.

    Just for today,
    I will let go of worry.

    Just for today,
    I will let go of anger.

    Just for today,
    I will give thanks for my many blessings.

    Just for today,
    I will do my work honestly.

    Just for today,
    I will be kind to my neighbour & every living thing.

    main body chakras, root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, crown, aura

    Chakra Cleansing, Balancing & Readings

    Realign your energy to your values. Reach your goals & live on purpose.

    I work on the 7 main energy centres (Chakras) in the body.
    I have a sensitivity to chakras energies. I feel where energy is lacking or in excess, and what areas of your life need healing.
    When cleansed & rebalanced, your chakras function optimally and you regain harmony & joy in your life.

    Healing Vibrational Massage - Healthy Frequency Massage

    Vibrational Massages

    Realigns your body to the naturally occurring healthy frequency of 60 Hz to promote health & wellness

    Experience this amazing vibrational healing massage. Remain fully clothed, seated or on the massage bench, while the healing vibrations of this deeply relaxing massage dissolves all tensions & stress.
    - Dissolves Aches & Pains

    - Releases tensions & stress

    - Activates Blood & Lymphe Circulations


    - Helps with varicose veins & cellulite

    - Boost Energy & Immune System

  • Book Online

    You can access my services through a variety of ways:

    In-person/face-to-face, Skype/Internet appointments, as well as distant healing.

  • Upcoming events in 2018


    Following an intensive training on the most up-to-date techniques used by professionals working with people with Parkinson's Disease & various neurological disorders, I am now offering a new energy package specially designed for people with neurological disorders. I am also giving a talk on "Dopamine (the "motivation" hormone) and its importance for our health". During this talk, I give lots of easy, practical & fun ways to raise our dopamine levels. These tips can be beneficial for ANYONE.

    So if you know a group/school in Ireland that might be interested, call/txt 086 104 878.

    Energy & Stress Class in Grantstown, Wellingtonbridge

    March 2018

    Energy Clinics, Classes & Talks

    ENERGY CLASS (monthly)
    Tues 20th March - 11 am till 12 pm

    Wellingtonbridge, Co Wexford


    TALKS ON DOPAMINE - The "motivation hormone"
    ICA Taghmon
    Wednesday 21st March at 8 pm


    SWWFRC Ramsgrange

    Wednesday 21st March 10 am till 1 pm



    Monday 26th March - 9 am till 1 pm
    Natural Health Store, Main Street, Wexford, Co. Wexford

    This month theme is "Pain & Stress Management" Booking is essential - +353 (0) 86 103 48 78


    ENERGY CLASS (monthly)
    Tues 28th March - 2 pm till 3 pm



    Tues 28th March - 5:30 pm till 6:30 pm

    €10 per person or €50 for 6 classes.

    Mag from "Mag about cakes", Lourdes Connick & myself at the BBB Group in 2017

    April 2018

    Energy Clinics, Classes & Talks

    ENERGY CLASS (monthly)
    Tues 17th April - 11 am till 12 pm

    Wellingtonbridge, Co Wexford
    Wed 25th April - 2 pm till 3 pm


    Wed 25th April - 5:30 pm till 6:30 pm

    €10 per person or €50 for 6 classes.



    Monday 30th April - 9 am till 1 pm
    Natural Health Store, Main Street, Wexford, Co. Wexford

    This month theme is "Pain & Stress Management" Booking is essential - +353 (0) 86 103 48 78

  • Curious about how energy healing can help you?

    My FREE Information Pack (Info Pack) will give you a sense of how I can help you and if energy healing is for you.
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  • Classes, Workshops, Courses & Tuition

    I combine all these fabulous healing techniques into my own energy classes
    My classes & workshops are available for community/social groups, as well as professional associations & companies in the South East of Ireland.

    Aches/Pains & Stress Management Classes

    If you or a group/company are interested: call +353 (0) 86 103 4878 or email.

    • Raise your energy levels & reinforce your immune systems
    • Manage your stress levels
    • Get rid of migraines/headaches, and more
    • Increase performance & focus - while relaxing & having fun!
    • Improve mobility if you suffer from aches/pains, Parkinson's Disease, stiff joints, ME & MS.
    • Women issues/Men issues
    • Click on the video for an extract of my energy talk/class at The Better Business Breakfast Group, New Ross, July 2017.
    Workshop sign post

    Workshops/Training Courses

    Fun & insightful

    Workshops are available for the general public & the corporate world :

    • "Introduction to Energy Healing & to Véro's way of tapping" 
    • "Energy Healing for dyslexia/dyspraxia/dyscalculia & other learning difficulties"
    • "Energy Healing for addictions/cravings"
    • "Energy Healing for phobias/fears"
    • "Energy Healing for aches & pains"
    • "Energy Healing for parents & teachers"
    • "Energy Healing to protect & maintain your own energy."
    • "Energy Healing for stress management"*
    • "Energy Healing for setting/attaining goals & enhancing performance"*
      *Corporate & Public versions
  • Energy Healing can help in so many ways! Here are a few :-)

    Real life experiences and practical Energy Healing tips
    Names have been changed to protect privacy.

  • Connect With Véro

    Horetown, Foulksmills, County Wexford, Ireland
    +353 (0) 51 565 882 or +353 (0) 86 103 4878

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  • No issue too big, nor too small!

    With Energy Healing, I have empowered many people to better manage their health & life.
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