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Letting Go Of Beliefs

“I was wrong!” (Twice) and how good it feels to admit it!

For a while now, through various mentors & development programs, I have been looking at my life and how I can promote my personal & professional growth & expansion. This work has brought me to take a closer look at my beliefs. We all have them and we live our lives according to them. I discovered that I am FULL of them – “Beliefs”. For instance, here is one of mine: I don’t believe that we have good/positive beliefs and bad/negative ones. I believe (here is another one) that our beliefs are here to serve us until… they stop serving us. Sometimes we hold on to our “disserving” beliefs for various conscious & unconscious reasons.


Recently I found myself changing 2 of my beliefs virtually overnight. In the process I had to admit that I was “wrong” – and I feel so much the better for it! Here are my 2 beliefs:

I don’t “do” hangovers” – I must admit I do enjoy a glass or sometimes “more” of Chilean Sauvignon wine or sometimes spirits. For years I have been able to go out and enjoy a few drinks without suffering the next day… for years! When my friends often suffered for 1 or 2 days, I would be maybe a bit tired but nothing more. Well, let me tell you that I have changed that belief and for good! After recently suffering the “mother of hangovers”, I can declare that I was wrong and “I too get hangovers” - maybe not as often as most people would, but I still do.

“I don’t “do” sickness – I am never ill”This has been the case for over 15 years now - virtually since I started doing energy work. Every bug, virus, flu, cold, sore throat, and gastro, which have been “going around” have literally “missed” me. I don’t suffer from headaches/migraines, nor backache. Everyone around me (family members & friends, the whole local community) might have “it” when I usually carry on enjoying full health.
Well, let me tell you that, here too, I WAS WRONG! At the time of writing this, I have been fighting a blocked nose & chest infection for the past 2 and a half weeks…


Now, some good came out of all of this. Firstly, I had to eat some humble pie and admit I was wrong, and consequently my beliefs have changed. Secondly, I have let go of 2 beliefs that were not really serving me anymore. The fact that I am “no longer” immune to hangovers has already made me think more about the quantity of alcohol I consume. The fact that “I too” can get sick has made me realized that I was not really taking care of my body – no matter what, my mind was the driving force and my body simply had “no choice but to follow”. This stubborn illness has made me realized that I need to take better notice & care of my body.


I suppose these 2 beliefs were providing me with a false sense of security & perfection. By embracing my “human” imperfections, it is part of my ego that I am letting go of. A closer look also reveals that, as an energy healer, I have also lifted some unnecessary self-imposed constraints of having to be “healthy” all the time. I guess, this is what we learn from the Japanese philosophy of “Wabi-Sabi” which describes aesthetic as the beauty that is "imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete” or from Buddha who teaches us that nothing lasts for ever.


So, my advice is to look at your beliefs. What are they? Are they serving you? Have they started hindering your growth & expansion? But be gentle on yourself and know that whatever they are, they are part of your evolution, your growth – and remember to have fun with this exploring process.