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When your best thought plan gets derailed …. Focus on the path of least resistance

How rethinking your situation might help you work with your energy as opposed to against it

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Recently I got stopped in my track: the Wi-Fi connection stopped working and my mobile phone went on the blink. First I felt “I am back in the middle ages”. Then I thought “Well, I am not going to waste my time moaning about the poor service I am getting”. I looked at my todo list and realized there were tones of things that I had not attended to in recent days because I was “stuck on the computer”, trying to maintain my increasingly time consuming social media presence. So, I decided to “forget” about this inconvenient obstacle to my perfectly planned day, and undertook to turn it to my advantage. I ended up having one of my most productive days.

In one of my recent blogs I talked about how people tend to work “against” their energy as opposed to “with” it. Often, we start our day with the best intended plan. We know exactly what we have to do and we are determined to achieve it. For some people, the slightest deviation from their plan can send them spiraling into an increasingly stressful day. They finish the day all frazzled, feeling they had a “terrible” day, where nothing went right for them. You often hear them conclude “everything went against me, today”. But what if these obstacles were clues that you have to change direction? I truly believe that life works in mysterious ways. What if you could look at these obstacles differently, more like indicators that you need to change your focus? What if these obstacles were just new opportunities to do something completely different from your original plan?

When our plan does not go “according to plan”, a typical trait of us human beings is to first try & resist our obstacles. The fear underlying this way of thinking can take many forms – fear of failure, guilt, sadness, hopelessness, helplessness, low self-esteem, etc. Energetically, I have learned that resisting and fighting unexpected obstacles is often a lost cause and works completely against us and against our energy. Many of my clients come to me exhausted. They are burnt-out, feeling that life is a constant struggle. Using energy healing tools such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), I show them how to work with their specific circumstances and not against them. The relief they get can be spectacular.

This was the case with Anne whom I helped becoming aware of her need for constantly controlling her circumstances. Three weeks after our first session, Anne came back relaxed, 4 pounds lighter and having made changes in her life so that she now enjoys it as oppose to “endure” it.

Call me lazy if you wish, but I love the idea of taking the path of least resistance. I have now gathered a few things in my “Energy first aid bag”. When your plan gets rudely interrupted or all together cancelled by life’s surprises, here are a few ideas to start working with your energy again:

  • If stuck in traffic when rushing from A to B – No need for road rage: take a big breath in and out and focus on your next 3 or… 49 breaths. Your brain and high blood pressure will thank you for this tiny bit of meditation.
  • If stuck with no Wi-Fi – No need to moan about the poor service you are getting, no need either to worry about all you are missing on your social media networks. Instead, look at all the other things you can still do on a computer without an Internet connection. You could organize your files & declutter your folders. Or write that blog you have been meaning to write for the past few weeks so you have it nice & ready to post for the next time you are back connected. What about invoicing? I am sure you will find something. With that attitude you might be surprised at how “freeing” being off Wi-Fi is - no pressure to check the social media, the inbox, etc. Your time is yours & uninterrupted. Make the most of it and, more to the point, ENJOY it!
  • If stuck in a queue – You only stopped to pick up milk & bread… You are already rushing & late to pick up the kids from the school bus… Getting stressed-up about it is simply counter-productive. Why not use this unexpected “me time” to exercise your butt’s muscles? Contract your gluteus maximus, (that’s the name for the muscle that give your rear end its shape) for a count of 5 and release (repeat 5 times). The great thing is that nobody will even notice – and when done often enough, this exercise will help lift your butt up (I am told).
  • If stuck with no electricity – Don’t think “middle ages”, think “creativity”. Look around you.I am sure there are loads of things you have been meaning to do but never got time for. Now is the time to enjoy making that collage, painting, finishing reading that book you started 6 months ago, taking the dog for walk, the kids to the park, etc. I tend to find a friend who still has electricity and go and visit them for a cuppa & a chat.

In the long run, this attitude will not only preserve or increase your energy levels, but also your health. Your stress levels will be reduced with all the benefits that this brings to your health. So remember, don’t fret, don’t stress! Take a big breath in & out, smile and think about this new opportunity. Make the most of it & enjoy.

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