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10 things about your past year that you didn’t suspect could raise your energy & make you feel more positive

Or how to raise your energy & your spirit any time of the year

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As an energy healer, I am always about raising other people’s energy - and mine :-). If you are feeling defeated about the past year and don’t think you have achieved your goals or made much progress... If you feel your business is still struggling despite all the long hours & efforts you have put into it. And if the thought of the new year brings a sense of dread & overwhelm, or a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach, your energy levels could be low, not to mention your immune system.

Here are 10 aspects of your life that could raise your energy levels and make you feel more positive about the past year while helping you start the new year with a renewed energy & a better focus. Tip: the following exercise can be repeated any time you feel like you need it; and to get optimal results from it, for each of the next 10 points, make sure that you really feel the good feelings & warming sensations in your body.

1. One achievement.
If you look closely to what you have done this year, there will surely be something, big or small, that you have achieved. Whether privately or professionally, there is at least one thing that you can think of that makes you proud.

2. One relationship.
Maybe someone new you have met that has made a difference in your life this past year. This could be a positive new relationship but it could also be a not so good encounter that has made you think about things differently and has revealed a hidden aspect of your own personality. Remember without awareness we remain in the dark and no progress nor success can be achieved.

3. One creation.
Maybe it is a new product or service in your business, or a new connection or relationship in your private life. Maybe the seeds you sowed a few months ago have now grown into a beautiful garden. It can be anything you have brought to this world which you can say “I made that”.

4. One challenge.
If you feel your year was not successful, maybe it leaves you with an overall feeling that it was “hard”. However, you are here now and you have somehow survived the year. What was it that was difficult that you were successful in overcoming or dealing with? Again, it does not have to be a big thing, every little challenge that we manage to overcome, are building bricks of a stronger self-esteem & a more positive outlook.

5. One learning.
A new skill, a new technique, a new way of thinking… the list is endless. What was it that you have learned that has made a difference and could help you make this new year more successful?

6. One discovery.
All the lessons we learn in life contribute to building our character, our fortitude, our strength. Obstacles we face are often opportunities to learn something. In most cases, the lessons we learn are about how to be better at something… at running a business, at being a parent, a child, a friend, etc. However, when we look at these obstacles with hindsight we often realise that the learnings go deeper and are more about ourselves - things we did not know or suspect about ourselves. This could be a strength, a skill, a talent, a belief, a value, but it could also be a weakness, a fear, etc. Awareness of the various facets of our personality, whether positive or not, enables us to be stronger in the world.

7. One contribution.
In one way or another, in your community, in someone’s life or your own, you have made a difference. We often underestimate our impact on things & on others. What was it that you did that people might remember you for?

8. One smile.
Most probably, you had at least one bit of fun this year. What was it that brought a smile on your face? What moment brought you that warm feeling inside? Relive it now, think about it, picture it, hear the laughter, feel the light sensation.

9. One choice.
Over the past year, you might have made at least one choice that you are proud of. Whether it is to switch off the TV earlier to get a better night sleep, refusing to eat that extra portion of desert, picking up the phone to call a friend in need, sticking to your exercise routine for at least a few weeks, etc. Whatever it is, our choices can empower or weaken us. Choices are one of the rare things under our control. When made thoughtfully, they can really empower us. We don’t always make the better choices, but we do our best. And, please do your best to forgive yourself for the bad choices you made – we are all human and we all make mistakes (you are no different!). Think back over the good choices you have made and remember how they made & still make you feel.

10. One sharing.
When we interact with people, there is an exchange (words, ideas, looks, smiles, money, books… smells…..etc.) – we share. I am talking here about the sharing that you do without expecting anything in return. Think about all the gifts, big & small, you gave out this year. Think of what you have shared this year that, when thinking about it now, makes you feel warm and all smiley inside.

So there you have it, 10 things that could raise your energy. But this list is not exhaustive. The same way as when you start a gratitude journal, the more look, the more you find things you are grateful for, the more you look for “good things” over the past year, the more you could add to this list.

If you can think about at least 5 of the above “things” and relive the good feelings, your overview of the last year might have a different vibe to it. If you check your energy levels, they might have been raised and your outlook for the year to come improved with a renewed purpose.

Wishing you a energized, healthy & happy new year!

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